Now we’re in Lent

Purple crossFrom Ash Wednesday until Easter Sunday, we are travelling through the season of Lent.

Lent is an opportunity for some spiritual spring cleaning. Just as the spring sunshine shows up the dust in our rooms, so we allow the light of Jesus to shine into our lives. His Spirit will help us clear out those thoughts and attitudes that are not healthy for us. As we spend time in prayer, we can invite Jesus to fill our hearts and lives.

Often we go through difficult times. As we follow Jesus on his journey to the cross, we are reminded of God’s presence with us through all the challenges of life. Life is not easy, but with the guidance of the Spirit, and support of our fellow Christians at Church, we can each experience the joy and wonder of daily following Jesus. We see God’s answers to our prayers. We see God at work in our lives. We can also show others the way and introduce them to Jesus so they can meet Him too.

Being a Christian is an exciting and wonderful life. Each season brings new challenges and new joys. Thank God for Lent! We learn and experience something new each year!