St. Paul’s Cathedral – Messy Cathedral

Can a cathedral be messy? Should a cathedral be messy? Well today as part of a weekend of celebrations the cathedral will be messy.

But first what are they celebrating? Every parish church and cathedral in England is dedicated  or connected to a saint, a Christian who lived in history and who was an example to others. They were not perfect, they were human like the rest of us, but showed qualities in their lives, their faith or their teaching that helped others to learn about Jesus and follow his commands.

You might have already guessed but the our cathedral here in London is dedicated to St. Paul and on Sunday 25th we celebrate the day he became a Christian, a follower of Jesus. The story of what happened can be found in Bible in the Book of Acts Chapter 9:1-22. What was so amazing about Paul was that before he became a Christian he was trying to kill Christians. Paul is an example to us all, that even if we think we cannot be forgiven and change, we can. God can change our hearts to work for him. Paul set up many new churches in the Mediterranean countries and wrote letters to help and encourage them. We have some of his letters today which are found towards the end of the Bible.

So back to Messy…..

From 2pm there will be different activities around the cathedral, suitable for the family. All the activities will be connected to a theme. At 4.30pm there will be a service of Holy Communion to celebrate all that we have done during the day.


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