Thomas Aquinas

Thomas Aquinas

Today is the day we remember one of the Fathers of the Church. Thomas was born near Aquino in Italy, from where he gets his name Aquinas (I didn’t know that until this morning). He is considered by many to be the one of the most important theologians in the church and that is why he is given the name ‘Father of the Church’. He studied the Bible very deeply and tried to understand what it means for everyday life. His teachings are still used at colleges where people are training as priests. He lived over 800 years ago.

I find it amazing that people so long ago without all the fancy computers we have now, without the books and access to information were able to think so deeply and help us all understand about God’s love for us. The language he would have read the Bible in would have been Latin and his books were also written in Latin. It all seems such a long time ago and yet his teachings are still being shared today.  He is also remembered as being a very gentle and kind man.

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