Cold and snow

My family and I love snow. This is largely because in Cornwall it doesn’t happen very often, but we knew the signs. If there was any possibility of snow then we might be allowed to phone the RAF St. Mawgan weather forecast (premium rate telephone weather service) before the days of the internet. If there was snow somewhere in Cornwall then my mother would drive us to where ever it was so we could play on our sledges and get our fix of snow.  However as I have got older (and possibly wiser) I can see why people are not so keen on snow. It is cold, it causes disruption, people fall over and injure themselves and if you have to travel it can be a real problem. Snow is great if you have enough heat, food and don’t have to go anywhere – but otherwise can be dreadful. My experience of dreadful was travelling back home after interpreting for a funeral in Torquay back in 2012.

CRW_6616 It was raining as I left Torquay and it was raining when I eventually reached Exeter – but as I drove up Haldon Hill on the A38 the rain turned into snow. At the top of the hill it was a raging blizzard and cars were coming to a standstill. The gritters and snowploughs could not clear the snow enough and there was a point when I wasn’t sure if I was going to get home that night – but I was one of the lucky ones who did. I seem to remember I slid very carefully down what is known as Telegraph Hill. It was as if the cars were queueing up for a turn on the Cresta Run. Each car having to wait until the one in front had slid far enough away before starting themselves.

As I drove home last night it started to snow… the first snow of the season for me and all my memories of snow, both good and bad came back to me. By the time I got home, it had all gone… but maybe there will be some more in the coming days…not too much, but enough for us to enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Cold and snow

  1. No snow here in Surrey yet. I used to enjoy the snow scenes and went to Lapland and Iceland some years ago. Now I have to take care in case I slip. Piran will probably love the snow!

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