The Front Garden


For some reason I cannot find the ‘before’ photograph of the front garden, but enough to say there were two great big bushes where the earth is visible in the picture. I spent a short time on Saturday levelling the area and removing the bricks, concrete and stones that seemed to have gathered there overtime. I have also dug over the flower bed right next to the house. I have since purchased some farmyard manure which will be applied when I have time and also some grass seed to sow as soon as the warmer weather arrives.

So, you gardening experts out there…. I need some plants to improve the bare patch of wall. It faces north and suspect it will get no sun at all, but the soil in the flower bed doesn’t look too bad. I have got as far as considering lily of the valley, which I have always wanted to grow and have never had a suitable spot, but I think this might be perfect. But I also need a bit of colour and height. Look forward to suggestions.

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