Accession Day – 6th February

Queen+Elizabeth+II+Diamond+Jubilee+Carriage+whTS2kcjscflToday marks 63 years of the reign of our Queen, Elizabeth II, and 6th February is day she actually became Queen. The Coronation, or crowning took place in 1953, but her reign began on this day when her father King George VI died. The Book of Common Prayer has special prayers printed at the back to be said on this day.

Many people think the Queen has an easy life, but it has been a life lived in the public eye from when her own father unexpectedly became King, after his brother, Edward VIII gave up the throne (abdicated). She may have rights and privileges, she may be rich in terms of money, she may live in beautiful houses – but her work and personal life is very restricted and in many ways she does not have the same freedom as the rest of us. Even in her 80’s she is still expected to turn out for state occasions, when most of us would have expected to have retired. There are some people who do not think we should have a king or queen, but I believe it is important to have a respected person who is a focus for the country that we have a better understanding of who we are. Many visitors from around the world, come just because of the traditions in both Church and State connected with the Queen.

So maybe we should pause and give thanks and appreciation for all that our present Queen has done and continues to do on our behalf.

2 thoughts on “Accession Day – 6th February

  1. I remember the promise made to serve our nation by HM in 1952. She has never wavered from it. Someone I know who knows HM having been close to her for a year told me she is an amazing woman.

  2. I watched the Coronation on television at school and I remember the preparations for it. The exciting part for me was seeing our Queen with a crown on. From the day forward she has been and still is refined and courteous. Long live our Queen.

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