Don’t waste love – part 2


Thinking further on yesterday’s post about ‘Love is unconditional and should not be measured out’. I have considered a different perspective.

If you are the giver of love – then it must be done unconditionally – regardless of whether it is appreciated or not.

But what about if you are the receiver of that love? Maybe the message is for that person? There are times when we are angry and cross with someone and despite all their efforts to put things right and to help us, we remain angry. We know they are being kind, but something inside us is stubborn and does not want to give in.

If we ignore the love that is shown to us – it is possible that the giver of that love will give-up trying. So when you have a moment of stubbornness coming on – think first about forgiveness and then receive the love as it was intended.

The good news is, as I said yesterday, God will never give up loving us, no matter what we do. The stories of the Bible tell us this. All through history God has loved us and done all he can, except for making us like robots, to draw us toward him to be in a loving relationship. Wow. That is something to celebrate.

One thought on “Don’t waste love – part 2

  1. Love is for everyone. Not only humans show love, dogs do. Last night I watched a recorded film ‘Haichi: A Dog’s Tale’. It was a true and moving story of a faithful Akita who was found abandoned and formed a strong bond with his new master. He continued his remarkable loyalty for many years after his master’s death. I had tears in my eyes after watching this powerful film.

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