Simple things

One thing I find frustrating about moving to a new place, is trying to find the shops which sell the things that I like or use. One of my favourite snacks are Cheese Savouries. A fairly common item I thought, but despite several dozen small grocery shops and the mini versions of the major supermarkets being within 5 minutes of the house, none as far as I could see sold my favourite snack. Even my little village in the middle of Devon sold Cheese Savouries! In the end I did an internet search, would you believe and discovered that Iceland sells them. Well, I had been into my local Iceland without success, but now armed with this information I went in search of these little delicacies and met with success.

The simple things needed to keep the chaplain happy. Mind you after the lovely tea yesterday, I need a few ‘light’ days on the food front.IMG_3386

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