It is a few years since I last made a puzzle. The last time was when I was recovering from some major surgery and I don’t remember enjoying it because I didn’t have much patience. IMG_3387Well I was given this one about 2 years ago and I was thinking about giving it away, but felt it didn’t show much gratitude. So a couple of days ago I decided I would make it and then give it away to a jigsaw library – assuming I hadn’t lost any pieces on the way.

Any guesses on the picture? Well I will try to take some pictures as it progresses. There is a time limit however as I have a house warming fairly soon and this is the kitchen table. There are a 1000 pieces to this picture and I counted my progress so far. 134 pieces, this equals 13%. I reckon I probably need to be doing 100 pieces a day before my deadline. I have done 8 so far today whilst waiting for my dinner to finish cooking.

3 thoughts on “Puzzles

  1. Great to see a jig saw puzzle picture. Actually, it is my number one hobby since early childhood and I still do it every week. Usually, it takes me 3 – 4 days to complete 1000 pieces. Fortunately, many owners in this complex share this same hobby and we exchange boxes. I am trying to guess your picture – scenery/garden landscape?

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