Chaplain’s Garden update


Okay, so here it the next update on the garden. As you can see a few months have passed since the last picture and all the trees have been cut back and the old shrubs and saplings removed. It is very empty… but at the same time a completely clear piece of land to work on. The grassed area is quite sticky underfoot, presumably a clay soil, but it is quite uneven and so I think the first job would be a bit of rotovating and levelling…. but I am awaiting for my various advisors to tell me what the best way to go about it might be.

Apparently the Diocese (who own the house) is going to fix the fence and paint it whatever colour I like… but I am not sure when that is going to happen, but I can’t really make a start on the lawn if I’m going to have workmen tramping about.

2 thoughts on “Chaplain’s Garden update

  1. You already have done a lot and we will look forward to reading the next update. Spotted Piran’s ball!

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