St. Saviours Deaf Club

Since our final service at St. Saviours Church, Acton back in September 2014, there has been uncertainty as to what is happening with the building. As some readers will know the 1 039owners – The Royal Association for the Deaf decided to sell many of their club buildings since the aims of the charity has changed and many of the buildings needed expensive repairs.

There had been some negotiations with a potential buyer over recent months but this has not gone through and the building is now back on the market. There is a bit more information about this on the R.A.D. website.

The church services will continue as before, except we no longer use the church itself, since all the furnishings have been sold or found new homes.

We will continue to use the building unless members feel it is right to move, but this will depend on when the building is sold and whether the new owners will wish to rent space out to the Deaf club and church.

The uncertain future of the Acton Deaf Club and Church is unsettling and we would value your prayers that a satisfactory way forward is found. God always has a plan and we just need to patient until it becomes clear.

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