Ash Wednesday


Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent when as Christians we take a bit more time and make a bit more effort to allow ourselves to grow closer to God and become more like him. It is a chance to try different things, or try to live without something for the next 6 weeks. I have a close friend who give up shopping for Lent – her husband does the food shopping and any necessary bills, but she does not spend any money at all. She has done this for two years during the time of Lent.

Maybe you think that is impossible…. that’s okay. Whatever we do for Lent has to be right for us and what would help you in your relationship with God and the world.

For the past few years a small booklet has been printed to help individuals work through Lent. Each year the theme is a little bit different.

This year are being asked to ‘be the change’. What it means if you feel the world needs to be changed for the better then why not change it one day at a time through your own actions.

The booklet also reminds us that the attitude behind the action is also important. It is no good trying to help someone, but your heart is full of anger or frustration. I will blog the actions regularly… or if you would like to get your own booklet – these are available from most Christian bookshops, including Church House. It is also available online through Church House or Amazon priced at £2.99

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