Being Creative


One of my hobbies is to sew patchwork and my current project is copying an American Civil War sampler quilt. It has 225 different patterns in it and some are very quick to do and others quite slow. The picture is what I have done so far. It is called a ‘Dear Jane’ quilt and you can see lots of finished examples if you search on the Internet.

Today’s Lent challenge is to do something creative, meaning to make something. This might be art, craft, a model or maybe a cake. Some people are very skilled at writing stories or poems. Whatever you do, take a bit of time to make something, it doesn’t have to be very fancy – maybe just arranging some flowers in a vase.

Remember our Father in heaven is a creator God.. he made us and all the world… we are made in his image and so all of us have some creative skills, for some people these are more hidden than others.

One thought on “Being Creative

  1. Interesting and artistic.
    The ladies in the complex have been asked to make Easter bonnets. I will go to Hobbycraft to get a kit. I made one last year and won third prize. Not bad for a beginner!

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