God’s creation

The Blue whale at the Natural History Museum
The Blue whale at the Natural History Museum

Last week my neighbour and children came to visit and on Thursday we headed off to the Natural History museum. It is over 40 years since I visited this museum and the one thing I remember is the Blue Whale. Even now it is impressive – so huge and yet feeds on microscopic insects you can hardly see with the naked eye. You can see from the picture how large it is – even the elephants look small standing next to it.

Sometimes it is important just to stand and stare at the wonders of creation such as this – what beauty and majesty such animals possess, especially when you see films of them swimming and diving through the water. I often wonder why people cannot understand the existence of a creator God. Yes, evolution has it’s part to play…. but it seems to me to be even more unlikely that such things came through an accident of nature.

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