Ancient History

No visit to the Natural History Museum is complete without a visit to the Dinosaur Gallery. I don’t remember this from when I was a child, but then I don’t think dinosaurs were as popular then as they are now. We had to queue for 30 mins to get in – that is how popular it was and I hadn’t realised just how many dinosaur skeletons we have at the museum – there must have been 20 or 30 on show.

But dinosaurs present Christians with a possible problem. The Bible only covers a time span of a few thousand years and yet prehistoric man lived over 2.5 million years ago and dinosaurs over 200 million years ago. If the science is correct, and remember nothing is for absolute certain, then the Bible only covers a small bit of history.

What I believe might be happening is as man has developed in his understanding of the world, his relationship with the creative power has also developed and it is only in the past few thousand years that it has been possible for this story to be written down. We know that people were thinking about the world they lived in long before the Bible, but it is through the Bible that we have a record that shows a developing relationship with God – the creative power behind the universe.

We will never know the absolute answer and that is why Christianity is a faith. The experiences of men and women over the past 5,000 years of history, show us that we are more than just accidents of science – but part of a creative process within the universe. Of course Christianity does not have exclusive rights over knowledge of the universe, but along with science it seeks to make sense of the world in which we live and the complexity of thought and understanding that we are capable of. It is when we try to simplify and create God in our own image that we find things difficult to understand.  We all need to keep an open mind as we can never fully know and understand the world and the universe in all its complexity.

It is all just so amazing and my knowledge of dinosaurs is certainly better than it was last week.

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