All are from the dust, and to dust all return.

The word 'DUST' written on car rear windscreen following Saharan sand deposited in England by strong south easterly winds

I am about to make war on dust! Over the last few days I have had new double glazed windows and doors fitted downstairs. It is great… window that open and lock and the house should now be much warmer.

Before they started I was told there would be no mess and after they had gone I wouldn’t know they had been. I am not sure I believe them now. I am sitting here in my study and everything I touch and look at there is a fine layer of dust and even if the men tidy up and vacuum I don’t think they are going to be wiping all the surfaces and shelves to remove the dust. I might be wrong… but it would take them a long time if they did!

Dust …. there is a lot in the bible about dust…Adam is created from it and at funerals we are reminded that our physical bodies will become dust once again. It makes me wonder what the dust in my house is made of… the house bricks and plaster that created the dust were made of other things in the past… they have been created out of the earth and various minerals… they were part of the house and now the old windows have been removed, some of the dust has been released. I am sure there must be people who spend their whole time looking at dust – what it is made of, where is has come from and where it goes. There are also computer laboratories that are completely dust free.

But when we are talking about our spiritual lives, dust doesn’t matter – Hurray! Our bodies, although precious while we live on earth, won’t matter once we have died… our souls will be released and will return to their creator – our loving Father in heaven. So let see if I have this right. Our physical bodies are made from the earth and after we die will return to the earth… our spiritual bodies come from God and when we die will return to God. I find that reassuring… everything and everyone in their rightful place.

However… I still have to wipe up the dust after the workmen finish in the house tomorrow…. and with a dog in the house dust-free isn’t something that is ever possible!

4 thoughts on “All are from the dust, and to dust all return.

  1. I still have single glazing upstairs.. the Diocese didn’t have enough in the budget to do them all at once… but at least it is a start. The rooms are certainly looking much smarter downstairs.

  2. No doubt that you will be glad to have a warm house and no draughts coming through the new windows. I know the feeling about dust. Whenever I wipe off a surface, and some seconds later it’s dusty again!

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