Take up your Cross and follow me

Flickr-3948364348The Gospel reading in church today was Jesus setting out very clearly what the cost of following him is. To be Jesus’ disciple means we have to put away all the desires of what we want to do, what we like and instead do what God wants and likes for us to do. It can be hard and Jesus describes it like having to carry a cross.

There are times in our lives when we are faced with all kinds of difficulties and problems and knowing the right thing to do seems impossible. Like I said yesterday… the answer can always be found in your prayers to God.

During Lent we need to ask ourselves what it means to live our lives as a Christian. We can get this wrong sometimes like in the picture. Some people think that when we become a Christian, life will be easy, but it will not.

To follow God’s way means we have to give up wanting things for ourselves, it means doing what God wants and obeying his Law of love. The hard way of carrying a cross, is a way to describe how we become better people.. but changing our character can be very hard. We can face persecution, people might laugh at us, we may have to make choices that upset other people – they are some of the difficulties that we face.

Lent is a time to help us focus on what we are supposed to be doing as part of our Christian life… making decisions, making choices that show that Jesus is our God… that it is his way we follow, whatever the cost.

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