Baptism and Confirmation

first-holy-communion-programmeI had an interesting day last Saturday and travelled down to Morden to interpret for a confirmation class at the catholic church of St. Teresa.

I am not sure what I was expecting… but I certainly wasn’t expecting what I saw. I was interpreting for Deaf parents of a child who was being prepared for confirmation. There must have been over 60 children being prepared for their first communion /confirmation. What a joy it was to see the enthusiasm and participation in the class. The parents were also expected to attend and they were taught separately so that they were better able to support their children in their spiritual lives. It was great to be with them and also to learn and share ideas from our sister church.

Baptism and confirmation is an important step for any person.. it is the point where you commit yourself to following Jesus and learning to live the Christian life. It is not about being perfect… it is about recognising that you are not perfect, but that you want to live as Christ commanded us and you are prepared to spend your life learning to do this.

You can be baptised at any age and so if you have not been baptised and would be interested, contact your own church minister, priest or myself as the Chaplain among Deaf people.  We are always pleased to be able to help people start their journey of faith.

3 thoughts on “Baptism and Confirmation

  1. I’m not sure of the answer there Elaine. I have to again in April so will try to remember to ask.

  2. Sorry for the muddle! We mean to ask do Catholic children of today still stick to the old tradition or can they now be confirmed first before taking communion?

    Could not find a ‘delete’ button here to erase the previous message!

  3. When my husband was 9 years, he received his first communion and confirmed a year later. Are the order of sacraments still the same today or the children can be baptised first and confirmed later?

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