St Piran

St Piran was born in Ireland in the 5th century and then went to Rome to study the Bible and when he came back to Ireland he was made a bishop.

It was said that he performed many miracles, such as raising from the dead soldiers who had died battle, but the Irish Kings were afraid of these miraculous powers. They threw him into the sea with a millstone around his neck, expecting him to drown. But instead he floated across the water and landed at Perran beach in Perranporth.3299a23d5b3fe79d04217e486824b31292a4427e

Here he built a small chapel, called an oratory (ora means prayer) among the sand dunes and people would come from miles around to hear him preach.

They say that St. Piran also discovered the metal tin, by accident. There was a black stone in his fire which started to leak white liquid.. this was the tin melting.  The black and white flag of Cornwall is represents the black ore and white tin… though I have heard other interpretations of the black and white as well. 

Some of you will know that my border collie, pet dog is called Piran… and you might have guessed why? Yes, of course it is his Cornish mum and his black and white 2

2 thoughts on “St Piran

  1. Interesting to know that Cornwall has its own flag. Pity we did not see one when we spent Christmas there. Piran certainly looks photogenic. Bless him.

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