Perpetua, Felicity and their Companions


Perpetua was a young, married noble woman and Felicity was her slave. They were African saints and through their faith they encouraged the very early church. Both were learning about the Christian faith when they were arrested by the Roman authorities, Felicity was pregnant at the time.

The Roman authorities condemned them to death for being Christians (they were baptised when in prison) and were sent to the Arena to be killed as part of the Roman games with crowds of people looking on.


But they didn’t die after the animals attacked them and so they were then killed by the sword, before this the two women and the other Christians friends with them share the kiss of peace and affirmed their faith in Jesus Christ.

The story of the how they gave their lives for their faith was shared among the Christian communities who were encouraged by the story. They died on this day in the year 203. They are the patron saints of mothers and children.

This story is over 1,800 years old and it can seem from a different time when law and justice was not as good as it is now, but we need to remember that there are Christians all over the world being killed for their faith in Jesus everyday. Nigeria and Syria being very dangerous places at the moment and there is a great risk of the Christian faith being removed from the Middle East altogether as a result of terrorists. You can find out more if you look at the Barnabas Fund website

Take time today to pray for our Christian brothers and sisters who live in fear and are unable to practice their faith openly like we can here in the UK.

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