Cleanliness is next to…

housework1Housework…. arghh! Yes, we all love a tidy house, but sometimes having to keep it clean can be a real nuisance. I used to have a cleaner… but I realised that if I wanted it done properly then it is best I do it myself.

Today’s challenge for our Lent journey is to tidy a room or cupboard in your house. We are reminded of the story in the Bible where a woman loses a piece of her expensive wedding jewellery and cleans out the whole house until it was found. She then rejoiced.

When you are busy cleaning your cupboard or room, think and pray about someone or something that is lost and that they will find their way home again.

2 thoughts on “Cleanliness is next to…

  1. The other day I cleaned two rooms and found things I hardly used. I have since donated them to a charity shop and it was nice to see the saleslady’s smiling face when she received them.

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