St Patrick’s Day – March 17th

I think there will be much celebrating in Ireland today on the feast of the patron saint Patrick. When I looked up St. Patrick’s Day for a picture for this posting, all I had was lucky shamrocks, beer and party stuff come up.

patricio-de-irlandaNo where was there a St. Patrick picture. It seems he has become more of an excuse for a party and superstition than being recognised for his outstanding life as a Christian in that place.

He was born in Cornwall in the year 390 and was kidnapped by Irish raiders when he was only 16 years old where he was kept as a slave for 6 years. He escaped travelling to mainland Europe and then back to Cornwall to his family. It was here that his Christian faith became much stronger and he later moved to France to train as a priest.

He returned to Ireland when he was about 40 years old as bishop living at Armagh. He spread the word of the Gospel as he travelled around the country even though there were many threats made against his life.

When he died the monastery his set up continued the faith in Ireland. He died this day in the year 460.

2 thoughts on “St Patrick’s Day – March 17th

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  2. I remember the matron allowed Irish nurses to wear the shamrock on St. Patrick’s Day every year at Lambeth Hospital where I worked. They thought highly of the Saint.

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