Solar eclipse

Well I wonder how many people might be late for work tomorrow morning? You might wonder why? Well, it is expected that at about 9.30am about 85% of the sun will be hidden by the moon making it darker than usual – though it will not be a total eclipse like we had back in 1999. If you want to see the full eclipse you would need to travel to the Faroe islands (north of Scotland) or the island of Svalbard in Norway!c555f630-027e-40dd-88e2-0f82711c85ab-620x372

I remember the eclipse back in 1999 as I was living and working in Cornwall at the time – unfortunately it was cloudy and so we never actually saw the sun disappear, only that everything when dark and quiet and then light again.

Remember you must not look at the sun with your eyes or even with sunglasses as it can burn and damage your eyes. There is information about how to look at it with a pin hole camera. I also seem to remember that if you look at rippling water or under moving leaves, there is a shadow of the sun’s shape shown on the ground. The only problem with that is the trees have not come into leaf yet. Anyway, do be careful!  The weather says it will be cloudy in the morning and brightening up in the afternoon… we will have to wait and see.

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