Passion Sunday

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 14.44.31
Jesus is condemned to death

Today we begin the journey to the cross  and I thought it would be good to share some thoughts through the artwork of the Benedictine Sisters of Turvey Abbey.

It is very easy to travel the journey towards Easter with the familiar stories and events that led up to it, but let us consider what the story of Jesus’ life and death means for us today.

The picture has Jesus standing before the people who accuse of him doing wrong. The accusing hands in the dark colours tell us the means of them – the pointed finger and clenched fist. These are the enemies of God who want to be able to continue there works in darkness. The things they do wrong and do not want to be found out.

What of Jesus’ friends… well the Bible tells us they all ran away and even Peter, his closest friend, who followed him to the High Priest’s courtyard, denied he even knew Jesus when asked. The cockerel stand testament to Jesus’ friends who let him down.

Ask yourself – Are there things I do not want God to know about? Do I hold up a clenched fist or accusing finger towards the innocent? Have I let my friends down?

‘Heavenly Father, help us to know what we have do wrong and give us the strength and will to do right, knowing that if we come to you in sadness for our sins and wrongdoing, you will always forgive. Amen.’

2 thoughts on “Passion Sunday

  1. That’s what the cross was for… forgiveness… no matter what …. so long as we are repentant and desire to change

  2. This Holy Week is always a week of reflection…if God knows everything I’ve done wrong then I have a long (uphill!) struggle to get within even several light years of heaven!

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