Take up your cross…

Jesus takes up his Cross. Station 2
Jesus takes up his Cross. Station 2

Can you remember carrying something very heavy? Imagine having to carry a cross, big enough to nail yourself to it? I think it might be like carrying two railway sleepers – you know the wooden ones you now see in people’s gardens around their flower beds. Imagine carrying this, the wood rough with splinters catching in your hands. Now imagine you have been awake all night standing trial for things you have not done. You have been whipped, spat at, hit and abused in many ways. It would have been too heavy for me and I am not sure how Jesus found the strength to do it.

When we talk about ‘taking up your cross’ we mean taking on something difficult and heavy – it needs all our strength and energy to do it.

Jesus asks us to take on difficult things in his name – giving of ourselves to him.

In the picture we see different people looking on, the high priest, the soldiers, the women, people all hidden in the shadows, no one accepting they are to blame for what happened to Jesus. The truth is of course, we are all to blame for what happened to Jesus. The accusing hands from yesterday and the hidden faces of today represent us.

2 thoughts on “Take up your cross…

  1. My task is to take 12 chairs from a store cupboard to a communal lounge every Monday for our keep fit class. They are quite heavy and I get out of breath every time! I often wonder how Jesus manage, He is certainly remarkable.

  2. In today’s ‘politically correct’ Western world it is sometimes difficult to do ‘the right thing’ without being admonished for it.

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