A sword piercing the heart

Jesus meets his mother. Station 4
Jesus meets his mother.
Station 4

One can hardly imagine the emotions in this meeting between Jesus and his mother. But I wonder if she now began to understand all that was said by Simeon in the Temple when he talked about a sword piercing her heart (Luke 2:35) and the strange gifts from the wise men that included myrrh – spices often used for dead bodies at burial. (Matt 2:11). Mary had watched her son grow up to be a great teacher, but there was great controversy and she probably saw there would be trouble.

But today we see them greet each other for a moment when Jesus is journeying to the cross – the picture is flooded with light as for a moment the cares of the world are forgotten, and that mother/ child bond renewed. The picture shows love and sorrow in the eyes of Jesus and his mother and we can only guess what is said.

Remember those mothers and fathers who have seen their children hurt and die, through war, through political unrest, through greed and power of others and through illness and famine. We pray that God will be with them in those times of darkness and evil, so that they too will find peace which the world cannot give.

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