Fact or Fiction?

Veronica wipes Jesus' face. Station 6
Veronica wipes Jesus’ face. Station 6

It is interesting how this story has become part of the Stations of the Cross, even though there is no reference in the Bible to Veronica. The tradition is very strong and is well know even by people who do not have much experience of church. A woman moved by Jesus’ suffering steps from the crowd and offers the use of her veil to wipe the blood and sweat from his face. There was not much else she could do to help, but maybe the offer and the love that came with it, would have given Jesus a bit more strength to keep going.

Think of a time when someone has encouraged or helped you, just through a kind word or gesture, so small it would be easy to ignore it, but given with love that gives it strength and meaning. Maybe we need to look for opportunities each day to make those small differences to people lives around us – especially those we love.

2 thoughts on “Fact or Fiction?

  1. I remember when I had a major surgery I was on my own at home with my dog while my husband was at work. A kind neighbour called unexpectedly with the meals that she prepared and she wanted to take my dog Fluff for her walk but she refused to leave me! The same neighbour continued to visit me regularly and again more meals were given to us. We wanted to treat her out to show our appreciation but she did not want to accept our offer and pointed out she was happy to help. Such a fine Christian.

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