The Weight of Sin

Jesus falls a second time Station 7
Jesus falls a second time
Station 7

This time in the picture the crosses seem to be bigger and there are more of them. Jesus is stumbling closer to the ground and darkness surrounds him. Is it any wonder he is so weak when he is not just carrying a heavy wooden cross, which is difficult enough, but he is carrying the sins of the whole world.. the emotional weight of that sin is probably something we can only guess at.

When we carry burdens, whether our own or other people’s it can feel a very lonely time and even when there are people around you and supporting you, you can feel more alone than ever.

People who suffer from the illness of depression can feel very alone and need special care to help them through the dark times when their illness is most severe. If you know someone who has depression, pray for them today and think how you might be able to support them in away that makes that feeling of being alone and carrying a great burden a bit easier

If you suffer from depression yourself then try to give your burdens, worries and loneliness to Jesus – he is faithful and will always be alongside you and always encouraging you.

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