The precious last words

Jesus speaks to his mother. Station 12
Jesus speaks to his mother.
Station 12

This station takes us back to Station 4 when Jesus met his mother on his journey with the cross. She has followed him and now stands at the foot of the cross looking on. How her heart but have broken with sorrow at the sight of her son on the cross.

Mary reminds us that there are many people across the world today who have seen terrible things happen to those they love. Places where people are tortured, raped, abused and murdered… often in front of family and loved ones. There are other places where through lack of food, clean water and basic medical care, mothers watch their children die of hunger and diseases that are so easy to cure.

And of course Jesus, even though he could hardly breath, was in a lot of pain, still had love to show his mother. As she stands there he offers her words of comfort and then turning to one of his disciples asks that they care for her. ‘Woman behold your son, son behold your mother.’ Jesus knew he could no longer care for his mother on earth and so entrusts that responsibility to a disciple.

When someone dies, whether it is expected or sudden, those last words they speak are precious. They often convey forgiveness, love and tenderness. Love is strong even in the most difficult of times.

2 thoughts on “The precious last words

  1. When speaking softly into the ear of someone close to me who is dying and there is no visible response … can that person hear and understand me? I often wonder…

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