Jesus is taken down from the Cross Station 14
Jesus is taken down from the Cross
Station 14

The moment has passed and Jesus has died. For a time everything seems to be in darkness and black, even the light around Jesus’ head is dimmed. These hours from Jesus’ death until early on that Sunday morning must have been the worst time for his family and disciples. Lots of questions. ‘Why did this happen?’ ‘What now?’ ‘Will we be next?’ ‘Did we get it wrong?’

We were told that the disciple ran away when Jesus was arrested and it was only the women who came to witness Jesus’ death.

But here in this moment of darkness and despair, their is the faint flicker of love. I always find pictures of Jesus being taken down from the cross very moving, the care of a dead body. The pictures always seem to show Jesus as something very precious, even though he is dead, he is carried and cared for even in death.

Today there will have been many processions, services, vigils and passion plays reminding the world of the events of this day. In the Church’s year, there is a solemnity, a quietness, a waiting……

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