William and Catherine Booth

Today I was walking with my friends along two sections of the Capital Ring Walk from Highgate to Hackney Wick. We stopped on the way for a picnic lunch in Abney Cemetery where William and Catherine Booth are buried. They were founders of the Salvation Army, a Christian Church that saw working among the poor and homeless part of their calling as a Christian. After seeing how the drinking of alcohol was the cause of much poverty they promoted abstinence.

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4 thoughts on “William and Catherine Booth”

  1. I have since read that it was in the Hackney area that the Salvation Army began.

  2. I should have asked Piran to move over a bit so we could see Catherine’s name as well as she was equally important to this work as her husband.

  3. You certainly have had an interesting day. Being Londoners we did not know Abney Cemetery! A good photo of Piran.

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