Trinity Sunday


Trinity Sunday marks a turning point in the Church’s year to a season of ordinary time. The excitement of Easter is now past and we have a chance to take a step back and develop our faith with out the distraction of the major festivals.

Trinity is a word that the Church created to help us understand who God was. God was one  – but showed himself to us in three ways, as Father, as the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Gospel stories each have descriptions of when God reveals himself in these three ways at the same time and this is how the Church came to understand the nature of God. It is a complicated subject if you get too deep into it – but it is enough to know that the Trinity reminds us that God is a relationship – with himself and with his creation.

2 thoughts on “Trinity Sunday

  1. It has been interesting to learn more about the Holy Trinity from this blog and in Fr Gerald’s sermon today.

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