How much love?


It is hard to understand what it must be like to decide to leave home. All you can take is what you can carry, a few clothes, a bit money, something to eat. You travel across the land, thousands of miles with your children and babies. You do not know what to expect, will you arrive safe and well, will there be a welcome, will be there somewhere to stay?

This is the experience of millions of people who have decided to leave their homes because it is no longer safe because of war and persecution. All they want is to live in peace, bring up their family and earn a living. They want the same as we do.

Europe has slowly woken up to the desperate situation of these people. As Christians we need to be able to support them while they live in a foreign land and pray that peace will be restored to their own homeland where they hope to return one day.

One thought on “How much love?

  1. I made an historic trip from Damascus on the last passenger train of the narrow-gauge Hejaz railway to Amman in the late 1970s filled with memories of how nice the Syrian people were despite their totalitarian government.

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