Where there’s Will ….

vmh-MAKING-A-WILL-last-will-and-testamentEveryone should have a Will. A legal paper that is signed with witnesses that tells people how you want your property and money shared after your death. Even so, only half the adult population have a Will and many of these have not kept it up to date. If a person dies without a Will (intestate), then it is English Law that decides how your belongings are shared. This can cause many problems for family left behind.

People believe is it superstitious to make a Will and that is why they do not bother – but if you love your family, friends or support special charities, then it is important that you make sure everything is written down in the right way when you are fit and well. You should do this through a solicitor or professional Will maker to make sure you have used the right words and have had it witnessed properly.

As Christians we are under God’s Law to make sure that all our things are in order so that we are ready to go home to our Father in heaven, knowing that those we love will have what we wish. It is a way of showing our love so that we do not cause problems for people after we have died.

Please if you do not have a Will or it is a long time since you have updated it, think about doing it now. November is ‘Make a Will month’ when some charities provide a free Will service, or solicitors have fixed fees. It is a good time to get this done.

2 thoughts on “Where there’s Will ….

  1. I did my will some years ago. I have more recently checked with some deaf related charities if name changes (however slight) matter. I am about to review my will as I have had changes in my own situation. So November seems the time to do that.

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