Community of the Sisters of the Church

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 12.52.42
St. Michael’s Convent at its new site at Gerrards Cross.

We are fortunate to have good links with this Anglican religious community through Sister Catherine, who is a regular member of our church community at Hayes, and who also helps with the running of Crown Centre.

The community was founded in 1870, the Community and did important work in Christian education, child care, social welfare and mission work. This work has developed over time and order has communities in Australia, Canada and the Solomon Islands.

Religious communities have an important role in the life of the Church because the men and women give themselves wholly to the service of God and others. They make it their work to pray for the world and their local community and to be among those who will most benefit from their presence.

The last year has been one of transition for the St. Michaels community as they moved from Ham to a new home at Gerrards Cross. They expect to be able to received guests for retreats again, once the building work is complete, in late spring.

If you would like to find out more about this community you can visit their website or download their latest newsletter.

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