The 10 Commandments

Today’s readings in church included the Bible reading from Exodus 20 when we are able to read the Ten Commandments. They can seem very ‘do not to this’ & ‘do not do that’, but that is partly the fault of the English translation. The commandments can be collected together to make just two. Love God and love your neighbour as yourself’.

Love is at the centre of the Christian faith and in every situation we need to ask ourselves, what is the most loving thing I can do – it might be you have to offer gentle criticism or advice, it might be that you have to refuse to do something. We need to look and listen to what is happening around us and then respond in a way that shows love to God, love to self and love to others around us.


This week’s theme from ’40 Acts’ encourages us to think before we say anything in situations – thinking allows us to consider what is a loving response. Take time this week to think before you speak / sign. It goes a long way to building up good relationships and bringing peace to a community.

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