Waste not…..

If we realised just how much food we throw away I think we would be shocked. We expect to be able to eat whatever we like and this means we forget to eat fresh food that has a limited shelf life and then end up throwing it away. Firstly, we must be more careful with the food we have, but if you do have something that needs using up… look at the ideas below.

Act 29: Waste Not

Hold on there, as you head to the bin with those overripe bananas and unwanted tins of tuna. There’s a way forwards here. Talk yourself back from the brink, and have a look at what you could do to make that unwanted waste a generous resource for your neighbour, for the street, and even the community. 

 Choose how you’ll complete today’s act:
Educate yourself on a few local food-waste initiatives (lovefoodhatewaste.com or fareshare.org.uk are good places to start).

Make a banana cake and gift it to a neighbour or friend. Or, if you’re not a banana eater, find something else that’s going off (going-off avocados make a great chocolate cake – google ‘avocado mug cake’!).

Make an event out of it. Invite friends over for a green dinner. Explain the premise: not salad, but a dinner made up of leftover bits and pieces. If they’re stuck for ideas, googling ‘what to do with gone-off _____’ is a good place to start, and it’ll inspire creativity, too.

“They all ate and were satisfied, and the disciples picked up twelve basketfuls of broken pieces that were left over.”
(Matthew 14:20 NIV)

Find out more from https://40acts.org.uk/act-29-waste-not/

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