To serve not to be served.

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Remembering Jesus’ words that we are here to serve and not be served, today’s challenge can be quite difficult for some people, doing a task they really do not want to do.

Act 36: Servant

Do the most unpleasant or scary clean-up job you can think of. That could be literally cleaning something that isn’t particularly pleasant. Or it could be helping someone who you know is drifting from God – not always a nice or easy thing to do.

 Choose how you’ll complete today’s act:

 Do some literal cleaning. This will work best if you find somewhere that’s personally important to you (like your street) or to your community (like a local school or a care home garden).

Most likely, there’s a scenario you’d rather not serve in – today, do it. Do the whole office’s sandwich run. Clean all the sweaty gym equipment.

 A huge, intimidating, profound act of service: think of a friend or family member who is drifting away from faith. Think about how you might call them back – well and sensitively.

Romans 12: 3–16


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