Deliver a bit of love

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Act 40: Deliver

Today’s act counts maybe even more than the last 39, because it’s the launch-padinto leading a generous life. Be bold with generosity today. Shun the it’s-nearly-over apathy. Take a risk. And let open-handed, openly-visible generosity spill over into your future.]

 Choose how you’ll complete today’s act:

Drop an Easter egg and a card at your neighbour’s door, or all the doors on the street. Our culture might not have many Easter traditions – but let’s make the ones we have wildly generous.

Don’t worry about being a little over the top. Go all out. Take someone a breakfast basket, or a fully-prepped meal (with all the Easter trimmings, hot cross buns and all), or a whole week of shopping.

Stand outside a busy place – or outside your church – and hand out Easter eggs and cards for people going by.

Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.

(James 1:22)

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