Deaf and Hard of Hearing Women’s Group

Spent an enjoyable morning at Ealing yesterday with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Women’s Group run by Janine Volossevich. A mixed age and culture group which meets to support and learn from each other.

Indonesian Vegetable Stir Fry in Coconut and Peanut Sauce
Indonesian Vegetable Stir Fry in Coconut and Peanut Sauce

These activities include educational and advice meetings, creative textiles, art and design and the odd bit of BSL tuition.

Today we join together in making a Indonesian Vegetable Stir Fry in coconut and peanut sauce. Enough to share and enjoy afterwards. If you are interested in the recipe let me know as I have a copy. I might even give it a go myself, though I don’t really like recipes with more than 8 ingredients – they require too much thought. We also learnt the BSL sign for Indonesia.

Dessert was steamed pears and apples, with muscavado sugar and mulled wine spices served with custard. Sadly I had to leave before that was served. IMG_0009

St. Agnes

Today is the feast day of St. Agnes.

Agnes was a Christian but died for her faith at only 13 years old. She refused to enter into an arranged marriage to the son of a Roman governor. It was also a time when the Christian church was being persecuted under the Emperor Diocletian. She died on this day in the year 304.

Wheal Coates_Adam Gibbard_1

Near my home in Cornwall is a small village called St. Agnes, it is very close to the coast with two beaches suitable for surfing.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity


Across the world and even in Britain there are many different types of Christian church. It is sad that from the very early years of the church there have been different ideas of how the church should worship, pray and how to life the Christian life. But are we that different? Not really. All Christian churches have the same beliefs that God created the world, that his Son Jesus came to die for our sins and God has given his Holy Spirit to help us in our every day lives. The Bible is important to all Christians. The differences are mainly about how we interpret the Bible into everyday living. Some churches believe it is right to baptise people at any age, provided they have Christians to support them in their early life, others believe you can only do this for yourself when you are adult. Some churches understand the meaning of Holy Communion in a different way to another. Other churches believe the Holy Spirit is central to their life and witness. Often when we disagree with one another it is because of practical everyday matters of church. The central or core beliefs remain the same for all churches

Every year from 18th – 25th January the churches across the world, different denominations use a week to remember the things that unite us brothers and sisters in Christ. As we get to understand each other better, so our witness to the world becomes stronger.

New website updated

10931032_10152710224785674_9033395137864506346_nIt has been six weeks since I was licenced as your new chaplain here in London. Gosh time does fly! But how easy it has been. Rev. Anne did everything she could to make sure things were ready for me, helping prepare my welcome service and keeping all the administration up to date.

Even though I have been left loads of information, lists, addresses, action plans there is still so much to learn. Especially important is getting to know the Deaf community in London and how I can serve them as Jesus’ representative. Everyone has been so kind, but please continue to help me get to know who is who… there are lots of names and faces for me to learn.

Some of you may think that it was a big change for me to come to London from Devon and you would be right. However, I have lived in London about 25 years ago when I was training to be a Registered nurse at St. Bartholomews Hospital, West Smithfield and Homerton Hospital in Hackney. It is almost like travelling back along memory lane… but how things have changed in that time.

Today I have spent a long time updating the Deaf Church website and hopefully all the information is correct. I am hoping in the future to add information in B.S.L. but my office is not quite ready for filming. But let’s hope I get that up and running during this year. Any ideas of what other information would be useful on the website please let me know.

Now we’re in Lent

Purple crossFrom Ash Wednesday until Easter Sunday, we are travelling through the season of Lent.

Lent is an opportunity for some spiritual spring cleaning. Just as the spring sunshine shows up the dust in our rooms, so we allow the light of Jesus to shine into our lives. His Spirit will help us clear out those thoughts and attitudes that are not healthy for us. As we spend time in prayer, we can invite Jesus to fill our hearts and lives.

Often we go through difficult times. As we follow Jesus on his journey to the cross, we are reminded of God’s presence with us through all the challenges of life. Life is not easy, but with the guidance of the Spirit, and support of our fellow Christians at Church, we can each experience the joy and wonder of daily following Jesus. We see God’s answers to our prayers. We see God at work in our lives. We can also show others the way and introduce them to Jesus so they can meet Him too.

Being a Christian is an exciting and wonderful life. Each season brings new challenges and new joys. Thank God for Lent! We learn and experience something new each year!