51462496_664328613965147_6404415057224007680_oCandlemas is the name we give to the feast of the Presentation of Christ in the Temple, it the story of Jesus being brought to the Temple in Jerusalem to obey the Law of offering a first born son to the Lord. It is there the elderly priest Simeon and another old lady, Anna, recognise Jesus as the promised Messiah.

At Croydon Sign Church, we made our own beeswax candles and processed around the church to remind us that Christ is the light of the world.

Money wise

44401465_1285951181547576_4585917730774843392_o.jpgWhat a fantastic course we have had over the last couple of weeks learning about managing and saving money. Here are a few of us with our certificates of achievement.

CAP money courses are excellent in teaching about how to manage money so that you can pay all your bills, save money for your holidays and big purchases and not go into debt. It teaches so much more. I would recommend everyone goes on a course like this one, not only does it teach and remind you of important principles, but it helps you learn to value money again.

Watch out for a course in the spring in the London area and try to make the time to come along and learn.

CAP Money Course

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We are pleased to be hosting a CAP money course that helps teach how to manage money better so you can save for the things you love and want. It will also help you avoid debt. If you find you do not have enough money, or you just want to save up for somethings special, why not come along. Bring a friend and support each other and become clever with money. Please book your place by email: deaf@london.anglican.org or text 07855008953