Church things

Have you ever wondered what things in Church are used for and why we have them?

This is basically just a bowl. The one at St Saviour’s is large, with a wooden cover. When it is filled with water it is used for baptism, sometimes called christening. This is how people become members of the Christian family and commit themselves to Jesus. Fonts come in many shapes, sizes and designs. They are usually near the door, a clear sign of how people are welcomed into faith.
The cross is the Christian symbol of hope and resurrection and will be seen in every place of Christian worship. Some crosses will show the figure of Jesus, reminding us of his death. Some crosses will be empty, representing the resurrection.
ct9The Communion Table or ALTAR
This special table is kept for the bread and wine of Holy Communion. It is covered with a special, decorated cloth, with different colours for different seasons. Some tables may be beautifully carved or shaped.
Most Churches have an area where people come forward to stand or kneel and receive the bread and wine at Holy Communion.
A place for resting books or papers on while speaking or reading. Some churches use one lectern for readings from the Bible, and another for preaching.
These are placed around the walls of the Church. The 14 pictures or statues tell the story of Jesus’s last journey to the cross. As we walk around the church, looking at each one, maybe touching them, we travel with Jesus to the cross.
In many church buildings, especially old, parish churches and Cathedrals, there will be places to remember people who have died.
ct4Religious ART
Many items of artwork can be seen in church buildings – sculptures, paintings, statues, etc. Many tell Bible stories. This one tells the story of the Last Supper. As we look at these items, it may help us to understand our faith, or help us in our prayers and worship. Many items are given in memory of someone special who died.
These will show the groups, guilds and associations who are part of the Church community, either now or in the past. It’s a way of saying, we belong here; this is our Church.
These usually tell a story or portray a scene of faith, and as the light shines through, the colours and light speak their own message to us