Thank God it’s Friday

Due to covid restrictions this group is not currently meeting. 

Are you a student of British Sign Language?  Are you a Christian or have an interest in Christian worship? If the answer is ‘Yes’… then this is the group for you.

Every 3rd Friday from 7-9pm we meet together to share ideas and have professional teaching in B.S.L. either by a B.S.L. tutor, a theologian or a christian with expertise in the area of signing in Christian settings. The tutors are Deaf and hearing.

This group is organised by Penny Beschizza.

We provide English / BSL as needed, so no one should feel left out. Suitable for all levels.

 We meet at Kings Cross Methodist Church,   Crestfield Street—opposite Kings Cross Station.

Click here for directions

Cost? We ask participants to make a £6 donation (or whatever they can afford). This pays for the room hire, refreshments and tutors.

If you would like to receive the monthly email with details of that months session and future sessions please subscribe here.


If you would like to receive regular mailings (usually monthly) about dates and themes of the sessions please sign up here.

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