St Paul’s Cathedral

This is the ‘Mother’ church of the Diocese where all important services for the Diocese  take place.

Deaf people are always welcome. See the monthly newsletter for the next time and date a service will be interpreted.

Major services during the year are usually interpreted and there is reserved seating towards the front the building on the right hand side.

You will see this sign to guide you.


The following services are usually interpreted each year.

Easter Vigil with baptism, confirmation and Holy Communion (Easter Eve)

Ordination of Deacons (end of June)

November baptisms and confirmations

Midnight Mass (Christmas Eve)

If you are attending a special service at the cathedral which is not advertised as being interpreted, please be in touch with the cathedral office or the chaplain to arrange for interpreters to be present.


Visitors to St Paul’s Cathedral

Multimedia guides in BSL are available to visitors, please ask at the entry desk.

St. Paul’s Adult Learning Events

Through the year the adult learning department have a variety of Christian theologians and speakers for special evening events 6.30-8pm in the main cathedral. BSL interpreters are usually available for these events. Please check their publicity and contact the cathedral for more information.