On the Inside

Act 13: Inside

Jesus is the original chain breaker. Freedom’s high on his agenda. So, that changes how we look at those stuck in physical captivity. How can you help those in a local prison? These are people who are often given up on. Can you extend hope to them – those furthest from most people’s kindness list?

Choose how you’ll complete today’s act:


There are broken people behind bars today that need your prayers. From a place of gratitude and love spend time praying for those in a physical prison. Why not sign up for weekly ‘Pray with Us’ prayer emails with Prison Hope throughout 2018?


Take a little time to search for prison ministries and get in touch to ask if there is something you could do to help. Perhaps you could commit to writing an encouraging letter to someone in prison regularly? Take a look at Prison Fellowship’s letter writing scheme.


How about asking the Lord to open a door for you to share your faith in local prisons? Contact your local prison chaplain and offer to pray for them. Offer yourself in service and speak to your pastor about starting a prison ministry. Take a look at Escape Ministries (founded by today’s writer, John Lawson) to find out how you could become better equipped for this type of ministry.

“[It is the Lord] who executes justice for the oppressed, who gives food to the hungry. The Lord frees the prisoners.”

(Psalm 146:7 NLT)

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